Top 10 Ant Quotes

Top 10 Ant Quotes

Ants, social insects in the Formicidae family, thrive in organized colonies with specialized roles. They inhabit diverse habitats, contribute to ecosystems as predators and seed dispersers, but are often considered pests.

Top 10 Ant Quotes

1. “Life is priceless even to an ant.”
– Liu Xiaobo

2. “Next time you see an ant, remember: winter is coming! The best time to prepare for tomorrow is today.”
– Haddon W. Robinson

3. “Ants are good citizens: they place group interests first.”
– Clarence Day

4. “The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn’t know enough to take a vacation.”
– Clarence Day

5. “Ants, fighting together, will vanquish the lion.”
– Saadi

6. “Do not kill ants. They are your best friends.”
– Joe Brainard

7. “Ants are the leading removers of dead creatures on the land. And the rest of life is substantially dependent upon them.”
– E. O. Wilson

8. “This is the principle of Universal Brotherhood of man with one another, with all life down to the little ants.”
– Swami Vivekananda

9. “Kids are curious. Kids are watching ants while adults are stepping on them.”
– Jim Rohn

10. “For example, the tiny ant, a creature of great industry, drags with its mouth whatever it can, and adds it to the heap which she is piling up, not unaware nor careless of the future.”
– Horace

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